Choosing a floor plan should be easy.... And it is.
There are a number of sites that offer floor plans that can be sorted through quickly

These are only a couple that will link you with tens of thousands of house plans to choose from.

On these sites you can type in the square footage that you are looking for, number of bedrooms, number of baths, single or two story, etc. and you will be given a multitude of floor plans to choose from. Don't be too concerned with the elevations or exterior look of the house initially.

In most cases the elevations can be changed to accommodate most floor plans.

Once you have found a floor plan that suits you, or is close enough that it could be modified to suit your needs, navigate to the contact us page and enter your information for quick and easy pricing.

Or contact our office at (352) 669-9200 and ask to speak with Andrew.

Most conventional homes can be priced free of charge within a couple of days.

Mason Dixon Custom Builder Images
Mason Dixon Custom Builder ImagesMason Dixon Custom Builder Images
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