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Mason Dixon Custom Builder

  • The Finest In New Construction & Remodeling In Central Florida!

    We are a full-service design-build firm with a proven track record of success. We have a reputation for being on time and on budget. Our company is about unparalleled commitment, character, integrity, and teamwork. Our primary focus is customer satisfaction and improving the value of your important investment. We have very experienced field supervisors that take pride in what they do. They love their jobs and it shows.

    Our talented supervisory staff has the experience and ability to troubleshoot almost any problem. In most cases, we can offer instant designs and solutions that can resolve most issues and keep a project moving forward.

    Andrew Dixon, our team leader, has the assimilated organization and management expertise from years in the corporate world to coordinate complex budgets, supervise skilled subcontractors, and exceed client expectations in every way. This unique know-how gives Mason Dixon Custom Builder a clear advantage over the competition.

Home Construction & Remodeling

Commercial Construction

Metal Buildings

Metal buildings are very versatile and can take on many different shapes and styles. Mason Dixon Custom Builder can help you design the building best suited for your particular needs. We can provide widths from 30-0 up to and exceeding 320-0 to give you even more design flexibility. Our customers are provided with unlimited potential in panel configurations, color choices, accessories, and shipping locations.

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